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Meet Our Team

Jason Mastropietro

Jason Mastropietro
Inventory Manager

Jason entered Paragon from the food industry.  His career outside of the Paragon world has been exceptional.  He has been in leadership and executive roles for the past 13 years.

Jason received a degree in Culinary Arts from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  Jason started at the Palm restaurant as a line cook at age 23.  In two months he was promoted to Sous Chef.  Then seven months later he was promoted to Executive Chef in Chicago.  By age 24 Jason was an Executive Chef at one of the most prestigious restaurant chains in the country.  Jason traveled the country with the Palm, training management, managing food/beverage supplies, and opening new locations.
After the Palm Jason spent a 1 year stint at a 450 member senior resident hospital where he managed shipping and receiving, food and beverages, and worked with the local and federal branches of government.  Jason was recruited into the ranks of Paragon due to his extensive organizational, production management, and traffic management skills.  
Currently Jason runs Paragon's inventory departments.  Jason also serves Paragon as our inter-company communications liaison.
Jason is a certified pilot who enjoys his leisure time driving his jeep, with the top down.  Jason's English Bulldog, Sugar, serves as his trusty side kick and is never too far behind.