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Ken Loper

Ken Loper

Ken graduated from Technical School in 1982. The following two years he worked as a CNC bench repair technician. From 1985 until 1986 he was a field service technician, repairing a variety of machines. Specializing in the repair of AC and DC motor drives. He was fortunate to be mentored by Steve Eaton, which vastly increased his level of industrial electronic expertise.

In 1987 he managed his first electronic lab. In 1988, Ken joined Kevin Schoensee in starting Paragon Technologies. For the next 25 years he managed and trained employees, building labs and test fixtures. Performed emergency on site repairs as our customers required to keep there lines running. Currently he is responsible for training technicians at all the Paragon branches. 

Ken is married, 30 years to his wife Denise. He has two son's, Matthew, (27) living in Portland, Maine and Scott, (25) living in Farmington, MI and going to Wayne State. Ken's hobbies are woodworking, hiking and machine building.