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ABB 6000

The ABB IRB 6000 is among one of the best-value widely used industrial robots available today. Installed worldwide in great numbers, these reliable workhorses have been used for many applications with great success.

You can keep getting the same value and dependable service you’ve always come to expect from your ABB IRB6000 robot when you have Paragon Technologies remanufacturer it to like-new OEM standard operation.

To maintain maximum uptime, however, you need more than a simple repair and you certainly don’t want to simply throw valuable equipment away. Paragon Technologies goes beyond what most of our competitors do. We don’t just replace what needs to be fixed and return the ABB IRB6000 series robot to you.

We remanufacture your robot, from cables to motors, wrists, drives – we even replace the nuts and bolts. We’ll get the job done in the least amount of time humanly possible so you have an OEM quality remanufactured unit that gets you back into operation quickly, saving you a lot of money.

Just call a Paragon Uptime Facilitator.

There’s one waiting to speak with you at the Paragon facility nearest you. We’re fully prepared to show you the enormous savings you’ll enjoy when you remanufacture your ABB IRB6000 series robot rather than replace it.

Repair Procedures:

  • Purge and grease all gear boxes, RV Reducer cavities, and bushings.
  • Motor brake test.
  • Visually inspect for damaged connectors, replace when needed.
  • Test all cables for wear and damage.
  • Clean all cabinet heat exchange equipment including fans and filters.
  • Check and replace seals as needed.
  • Reset cabinets back to factory settings.
  • Re-grease balancers and other bushing / bearings on the mechanical manipulator.
  • Test and inspect teach pendants, replace overlays if needed.
  • Test and inspect teach pendant cables.
  • Repeatability test.
  • 12 hour continuous operation test.
  • Gear backlash adjustment if needed, test and inspect any belts or pulleys.
  • Remove custom I/O and file comments.
  • Change CPU battery and encoder batteries.
  • Paint robot.

Some Of The Other ABB Robots We Remanufacture:

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  • ABB 1400 / S4 Robot
  • ABB IRB540 / S4P Robot