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Power Supplies

Without the proper power, nothing in industry works today.

You count on a broad variety of power supplies to give you the power you need, regulated properly to operate your equipment reliably. When those power supplies fail, your equipment’s worthless until they are running perfectly again.

Paragon’s certified electronics technicians understand all power supplies -- DC or AC, line-frequency or switching, line regulated or AC/DC, switched-mode, programmable, uninterrupted, or high-voltage. We can get any power supply back up to OEM operating standards or better, faster than you imagined possible. Because our technicians bench-test and load every power supply they repair, you can rest assured you can get back into production quickly, whether you need the most delicate of computer power supplies, welding power supplies or anything in between.

Repair Procedures:

  • Test power supply up to rated load.
  • Set current limit to nameplate specifications.
  • Replace all capacitors.
  • Replace any defective components.
  • Calibrate output voltage.
  • Test sense lines to ensure proper voltage output.

Just Some Of The Many Brands We Repair:

  • Lambda
  • Sola
  • And Many More!