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AC Electric Motors

AC motors are electric motors driven by an alternating current.

They commonly consist of two basic parts; an outside stationary stator, having coils supplied with alternating current to produce a rotating magnetic field; and an inside rotor attached to the output shaft that is given a torque by the rotating field. There are also two main types of AC motors, depending on the type of rotor used; induction and synchronous.

Other types of motors include eddy current motors and AC/DC mechanically commentated machines, in which speed is dependent on voltage and winding connection.

The most common AC motors use the squirrel cage rotor. The motor takes its name from the shape of its rotor "windings" -- a ring at either end of the rotor, with bars connecting the rings running the length of the rotor. It is typically cast aluminum or copper poured between the iron laminates of the rotor, and usually only the end rings will be visible.

A stalled squirrel cage motor (overloaded or with a jammed shaft) will consume current limited only by circuit resistance as it attempts to start. Unless something else limits the current or cuts it off completely, overheating and destruction of the winding insulation is the likely outcome.

There are many other types of AC electrical motors also in use in industrial installations today, including single-phase AC induction, split-phase induction, capacitor start, resistance start, permanent-split capacitor, wound rotors, universal and series wound, exterior rotor, AC with sliding rotor, single-phase AC synchronous, electronically commentated and slow-speed synchronous timing.

It doesn’t matter what kind of motor it is or what is wrong, however. When you trust your AC motor repairs to Paragon Technologies, we’ve got the experienced, certified technicians who can handle the job quickly and economically, getting your motor repaired and back to work in your facility fast.

Our Repair Procedure:

  • Hypot and Megohm test the windings for shorts to ground during run-in and run-out.
  • Verify magnet strength and shorts between phases with back EMF testing.
  • Recondition or rewind windings.
  • Replace machine pilot, shaft and mounting area, if needed.
  • Replace any damaged connections.
  • Verify encoder operation with custom software design to check optics, processor and communication signals.

Some of the Many Brands We Repair:

  • General Electric
  • US Motors
  • WEG
  • Baldor
  • Marathon
  • Leeson
  • And Many More!