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Nachi Robots

The Nachi Robotics product line has been designed to provide optimized robot speeds, work envelopes, payload capacities, accuracy, size and reliability. The payload capacity range of these robots is comprehensive, with common load capacities ranging from 3kg to 700kg. Nachi material handling robots range from the small and extremely fast VS05 to the colossal SC700DL heavyweight. Advanced material handling functions such as conveyor synchronization, palletizing, force feedback, vision, and adaptive motion are available solutions for your material handling application.

Paragon Technologies can extend the life of your Nachi robots and cut your replacement costs by up to two thirds when we remanufacture them for you. To maintain maximum uptime and extend the life of your Motorman robots several times over, you need more than just repair. Fortunately, Paragon Technologies goes beyond simply replacing malfunctioning components. We remanufacture your robot top to bottom, from cables to motors, wrists, drives – even replacing the nuts and bolts. We then send you an OEM quality remanufactured unit that’s “like-new.” With Paragon’s industry-leading rapid-fire turnaround, you’ll get it quickly, saving you a lot of money with no additional downtime involved.

Give one of our Paragon Uptime Facilitators a call, at a facility nearest you. They’ll get you all the details. They’ll also walk you through the tremendous savings you can realize when you remanufacture your Motoman robot, rather than replacing it.

Repair Procedures:

  • Purge and grease all gear boxes, RV Reducer cavities, and bushings.
  • Motor brake test.
  • Visually inspect for damaged connectors, replace when needed.
  • Test all cables for wear and damage.
  • Clean all cabinet heat exchange equipment including fans and filters.
  • Check and replace seals as needed.
  • Reset cabinets back to factory settings.
  • Re-grease balancers and other bushing / bearings on the mechanical manipulator.
  • Test and inspect teach pendants, replace overlays if needed.
  • Test and inspect teach pendant cables.
  • Repeatability test.
  • 12 hour continuous operation test.
  • Gear backlash adjustment if needed, test and inspect any belts or pulleys.
  • Remove custom I/O and file comments.
  • Change CPU battery and encoder batteries.
  • Paint robot.