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A Total Commitment To Consistent Quality

We’ve made it our mission to always offer the best possible quality, service and prices.

To consistently achieve our unparalleled benchmarks for excellence, we work constantly updating and improving our service and procedures.

To ensure our unwavering commitment, Paragon Technologies also demands the same commitment from our employees, vendors and suppliers.

Many of our staff members have been with us almost since we opened our doors.

They’re like family to us and we’re proud to have them working with us. Without question, our staff shares our passion for quality. They’ve each been fully trained to spot and report anything out of the ordinary that could possibly jeopardize the commitment to excellence we share.

An Open Door Invitation

From the moment you place your order until your specific problem is solved, we have systems in place to make certain our ethics and commitment to quality are maintained throughout the process. To encourage compliance, all of our vendors and customers share an open invitation to confidentially share any concerns they may have with our top-level management.