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Proportional Valves

Overall, proportional valves are used in applications that require moderately accurate control of hydraulic fluid. They fall into three types: they control and vary pressure, they control flow (speed) and they control fluid direction.

The control source can be moved "proportionally," meaning it can be stopped in a number of positions, rather than the full ON-OFF of a directional valve. As a result, a proportional valve creates a smooth transition of fluid direction within a system, from one port, to equal pressure in both ports, to flow in the other port.

Because they can be responsible for controlling a positively loaded cylinder, a hydraulic motor, hydraulic pressure within a system, or accurately maintaining the amount of pressure within a system, a proportional valve failure can bring a major portion of your operation to a screeching halt.

Proportional Valves are sized according to the size of the port or flange connections, and they are rated at gallons-per-minute or with reference to a standard mounting pattern. Paragon Technologies has the fully qualified, experienced technicians who can bring any of them, and your operation, back to life quickly and reliably.

Repair Procedures:

  • Visual inspection and evaluation on test stand for initial comparison to manufacturer's specifications.
  • Valve is disassembled into individual parts.
  • Every part is chemically cleaned with solvents.
  • Torque motor is dismantled down to wires and magnets.
  • All parts are inspected and checked, to ensure they are within manufacturer's tolerances and specifications.
  • Failed parts are replaced with original manufacturer components.
  • LVDT's are fully tested and flow or pressure calibrated.
  • Valve body is inspected to ensure it is within manufacturer's tolerances.
  • Body spool assembly is also checked for wear.
  • If needed, body and/or body spool assembly is replaced with new Viton seals from the original manufacturer and a new filter from the valve manufacturer.
  • Torque motor and body are reassembled and tested to 100% of the performance specifications for flow and pressure established by the manufacturer.
  • Once tested to manufacturer's specifications, a test report and computer plot is included with the repair.

Brands We Repair:

  • Abex
  • Atchley
  • Bosch
  • Dynamic
  • Moog
  • Oilgear
  • Parker
  • Pegasus
  • Rexroth
  • Sunstrand
  • Vickers
  • and many more