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Meet Our Team

Chad Heberling

Chad Heberling
Quality and Engineering

Chad has been with Paragon for 5 years.  Chad's creative gene was nurtured in Miami Valley Career Tech Center.  Shortly after school Chad worked for Logo Studios performing graphic design work.  

Chad grew up in the family business, Silver Lake Beach Resort.  Here he honed his skills in design work and maintenance.  Chad would lead the way when a new facility was remolded, crafted, or maintained.
At Paragon, we like to grow our own.  Chad's mechanical aptitude is second to none.  He was a natural fit in the Paragon technical staff. Since his hire, Chad has been to several Yaskawa training programs including Sigma and USA series school.  Chad has also spent several training trips in Japan at our strategic partner Nikki Denso on servo drive and servo motor repair.  Chad also attended Dale Carnegie communications school as well as ISO Internal Auditing programs at the University of North Carolina.  A skilled machinist, Chad is a certified seal maker and has mastered the craft of servo and proportional valve remanufacturing.  

Currently Chad serves Paragon as technical support and servo supervisor.  In his spare time, Chad enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, camping, and fishing in the mountains of North Carolina.