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Mark Music

Mark Music
General Manager

Mark Music grew up in Paragon’s home town of Warren, Michigan. Graduating from the Amoco Oil Company Management Development Center in Columbus, Ohio, he later received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Almeda University.

Mr. Music has held numerous accounting and management positions with several high profile companies. He came on board with Paragon as our first Operations Director and Controller, tasked with purchasing and developing Paragon's current building in Warren, Michigan, helping turn it into the world class repair facility we operate today.

In 1997, Mr. Music was charged with the accounting functions of the newly acquired Canadian Servo and Electronics, now known as Paragon Canada. After completing the conversion of accounting and job tracking systems, he returned to Paragon’s Warren, Michigan location to handle Traffic and Logistics operations.

In between his extensive career with Paragon, Mr. Music has managed diverse projects including removal of hazardous waste projects, aviation security operations and process compliance. His detailed and diverse history has been an asset to Paragon.

Mr. Music now works as Paragon Technologies General Manager for Paragon Pacific. His years of experience together with the broad spectrum of management roles permit him to analyze and hone every aspect of both the business and facility operations, maximizing the growth potential of Paragon Technologies.