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Robert Kosalski

Robert Kosalski
Quality and Engineering Manager

Robert Kosalski’s twenty years of industrial repair experience encompass component service from hydraulic proportional and servo valves to electronic servo drives. He also manages technicians with varying disciplines in the industrial service fields. As the corporate production officer he manages day to day production at several branches including onsite service. He is also trained and has repaired components in many areas including: hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, and robotics. In addition to his training Bob has performed over 200 hours of field service ranging from nuclear powered turbines to closed loop proportionally controlled stamping presses.

Customer satisfaction and project completion are most important to him.

He was hired by Paragon Technologies in September of 1992 as a company driver. Robert was promoted several times, holding supervisor or management positions in inventory, purchasing, servo motors, proportional valves, drives, electronics area, and finally as Chief of Production for all of Paragon's branches.

While employed at Paragon, Robert took advantage of the tuition reimbursement program. He attended Macomb Community College from 1994 to 2001. Mr. Kosalski completed certificate programs in the fields of electronics, robotics, hydraulics and pneumatics. He is a hydraulic specialist certified by the International Fluid Power Society. He has completed training courses in servo motor repair and advanced servo motor repair. He is also certified by Yaskawa as a certified repair technician.

Robert lives in Chesterfield, Michigan and is based out of the Warren, Michigan plant. He is currently responsible for the production of over 100 electronic, hydraulic and mechanical technicians. Robert has designed and built everything from electronic repair laboratories to state of the art test stands. He is a problem solver with an open door policy. Mr. Kosalski will work extremely long hours to complete a task until the job is complete.