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Any Soldier

We understand our amazing success is due to more than just our own efforts, and we always like to “give back” whenever we can.

That’s why Paragon Technologies is a proud supporter of Any Soldier, Inc., an amazing organization that now helps nearly 100,000 American soldiers in all branches of the military, both active duty and reservists.

Since 2003, Any Solider, Inc. has been the driving force behind one of the leading efforts in making sure that the men and women who have been deployed, and who are often living in extremely rough conditions, are cared for properly. They do this fantastic work via letters and packages from “home” containing toiletries, food and even newspapers and magazines from donors, focusing first on those soldiers known to be receiving no such letters and packages from their own families.

Paragon Technologies feels this is such an important effort we donate often and gladly and we encourage you to do the same. You can contact Any Solider, Inc. by visiting their Website at We know you’ll agree, but we’ll also be happy to answer any questions you might have about the extremely worthwhile work Any Solider, Inc. does.