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NEW Okuma CNC Testing Equipment
Date: Friday, July 06, 2018

Paragon is proud to announce the addition of an Okuma CNC to its state of the art testing equipment. Dynamic testing is the pinnacle of repair capability. How do you know your refurbished parts will work when pulled from the shelf? The answer at Paragon is your Okuma drive was tested dynamically under load in the machine it was designed for. This new capability will add the following models to Paragon’s already large arsenal of proficiencies: MPR5 MPR10 MPS30 MPS40 MPS45 OSP-E100L MIV0102-1-B1 MIV0102-1-B5 MIV0102A-1-B5 MIV0104A-1-B5 MIV01-1-B5 MIV02-1-B5 MIV0203-1-B5 MIV0204-1-B1 MIV0204A-1-B5 MIV0303-1B1 MIV0303-1-B5 MIV0404-1-B5 MIV0404A-1-B5 MIV0505A-1-B5 MIV06DB-1-B5 MIV08-1-B1 MIV08A-1-B5 MIV08DB-1-B5 MIV14-3-V5 MIV22-3-V1 MIV22-3-V5 MIV30-3-V1 MIV30A-3-V5 MIV45-3-V1 MIV45-3-V5