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Paragon Announces Sales Internship Program
Date: Friday, May 04, 2018

Paragon Technologies has selected two college interns for the summer working out of our Warren, Michigan campus. 

The goal of our paid internship program is to give back to the community and help develop the future leaders of tomorrow. The program is a 12 week “real world” experience for students interested in industrial repair and distribution. Students are integrated into a team working in multiple departments including customer service, sales, engineering, purchasing, warehouse, and repair.


Interns are considered for Paragon’s grow our own program. Successful interns can apply for the GO2 program which includes a scholarship opportunity while they finish their collegiate career.

Finding that first job can be difficult for new professionals. Getting work experience is important for understanding of what jobs exist in the market place and helps students set goals and standards for themselves. Paragon is playing its part to give back to the community and help students of today and our leaders of tomorrow.